I love how the Addams Family has ZERO slut-shaming. Like… honey you can dance naked and enslave someone with your womanly charms if you want to, I don’t fucking care, but so help me you’re going to get a college education first.


The Addamses are what every family should aspire to be like (you know; without the dismemberment and electric chairs as play time).  Honestly, have you ever seen more unconditionally loving and supportive parents than Gomez and Morticia?  And not just with the kids, but with each other.  I think what’s especially unique about them is how open they are with everything.  They don’t treat their children like children.  They treat them like they treat everyone else; direct, and to the point. 

It’s creepy how many good examples of parenting and romantic relationships there is in these characters, especially considering they are supposed to be the antithesis of the stereotypical American nuclear family.

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Pode ficar comigo se quiser, eu ia gostar que ficasse.
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Minha timidez é bem estranha. Quando estou perto de gente que não conheço, sou a pessoa mais calada e quieta do mundo. Agora, se você me colocar numa rodinha com meus amigos, você vai conhecer a pessoa mais louca, idiota, e sem vergonha do mundo todo.

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# XWP OUaT parallels

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Favourite casts  The L Word
I miss seeing the girls. They were really fun to work with. I miss that dorm atmosphere that happened on the set. I miss giggling with them. - Mia

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